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1. Ku-Band Low Noise Full HD LNB for Multiple Set Top Box

It is a Low Noise / High Band 0.3db, Full HD Lnb for two satellite receiver connect with same satellite direction.This lnb is light orange color input low band 10.7-11.7GHz and High Band 11.7-12.75GHz.Low band frequency 9.75GHz and High band 10.6Ghz.It has conversion gain 65 dB, weak satellite signal reception it can more helpful by increasing signal quality.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Generic
  • Item Model: OV272
  • Item weight:  81.6 gm
  • Packge size: 14x10x6 cm

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Sharp Ku Band Origina LNB

 Noise figure 0.3 db to 0.5 db 
 Single output 
 Receiving frequency: 10.7-12.8 GHz 
 Oscillating frequency: 9.75 GHz / 10.6 GHz 
 Switching criteria: 14/ 
 High Gain, High Signal Quality ,Waterproof design ,Compact size 

Good for DD Free dish,Horizons 2@85.0, ABS Freedish @75E,Telster 18 @138E and other ku band Free to Air Television channel .

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